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ACI Global's Corporate Profile

Internationally Registered and Certified JAS-ANZ ISO 9001/29990 Training and Certification Services Provider

ACI Global Pty Ltd ABN 68110019460.

Key Business and Strategic Objectives

Quality in Education through
Excellence of Training Programs;
Recognition through ISO Personal Certification;
Impartiality and Fairness in delivering Learning and Certification Outcomes;
Vehicle for continuous improvement/optimisation;
Leadership role in the competitive Training and Certification Market.

Scope of Business Activities

ACI Global's ISO Registration covers the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 29990:2010 Quality Assurance System for the provision of leadership development of Personnel by providing ongoing competency based ISO learning and ISO Personal Certification Outcomes for Professionals working within a wide range of Industries and Organisations.

Vision Statement

ACI Global aims to create a practical and sustainable balance in the pursuit of delivering Quality in Education through the delivery of Professional Leadership Development training for personnel and organisations by identifying both customer and organisational needs and providing specific industry training and ongoing verification of competency services that enhance both customer satisfaction and economic viability for all concerned.

Mission Statement

By delivering Quality in Education ACI Global strives to lead the Education Industry in the provision of ISO Learning and Certification Services through value add quality industry training services by embracing the latest technology in the delivery of its products. ACI Global will provide its customers the smarter alternative to On-Line e-learning to deliver professional leadership development and verification of competence thereby creating Accelerating Continuous Improvement (ACI). We are further committed through the delivery of our services to exceed the expectations of our customers, staff and stakeholders.

Our ethic - "Quality is Contagious"

ACI Global's Process Model

ACI Global understands that Consistent and predictable results are achieved more effectively and efficiently when activities are planned and managed as interrelated processes that function as a coherent system. To do this ACI Global has adopted the process approach when developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of a its Business "Quality" management system

The process approach is used to enhance customer satisfaction by not just meeting customer requirements but by consistently exceeding them as ACI Global considers customer requirements essential to the adoption of its process approach

ACI Global's process approach applies systematic definition and management of processes and their interactions so as to achieve the intended results in accordance with the organisations Business "Quality" Policy and the strategic direction of the organization.

Management of the ACI Globals processes and the system as a whole is achieved using a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) methodology with an overall focus on Enterprise Risk based thinking aimed at preventing undesirable outcomes. ACI Globals process approach ensures:

  • understanding and consistently meeting customer requirements;
  • consideration of processes in terms of added value;
  • the achievement of effective process performance;
  • improvement of processes based on evaluation of data and information

Enterprise Risk Based Approach and Business Continuity Plan

ACI Global considers Risk as the effect of uncertainty on an expected result and the concept of risk-based thinking has always been implicit in the organisations business and strategic planning. ACI Global's registration and certification to ISO 9001 and 29990 and conformance to ISO 17024 Standards makes risk-based thinking more explicit and incorporates it in requirements for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of the organisations Business "Quality" Management system.

Business Policies and Processes