ISO Scholarship/Cadetship Program

Learning Program Details
Price: Not applicable
CODE: ISO-Graduate

Overview and Benefits

  • Overview: The ACI Global ISO Scholarship/Cadetship Program allows the candidate (Cadet) to select any course or program relevant to their needs or that of their Sponsoring Organisation ensuring learning and full mentoring services within their chosen graduate program.
  • Benefits: ACI Global provides access to its Graduate Programs to students from all around the world with a minimum of 20 Graduate Positions provided free of charge on an needs basis (Conditions Apply). It also helps the Cadet understand the Organisations Vision > People > Issues > Process > Data > Accelerating Continuous Improvement > and how they can help the organisation achieve its Mission of Sustained Business Success.

Standards Referenced: As referenced with each specific course or program. It is the responsibility of the Sponsoring Organisation to bear the cost of standards as referenced within a course.

Resources: Specified Standards plus a comprehensive list of course notes and reference material.

Length of program: Dependent on course or program and the time and or resources available to both the candidate (Cadet) and or participating Organisation.

Approval Numbers: As per course studied

Prerequisites: The Candidate (Cadet) will need to have a Sponsoring Organisation and a Basic understanding of Business Systems and Improvement

Facilitator: All ACI Global Facilitators are Certified Business Professionals specializing in the specific scope being facilitated and have been assessed as competent in International Facilitation (ISO-FL), Attitude and Cultural Diversity (ACI-ACD) and have undertaken the Hogan Leadership Profile.

Special Needs: - Will be discussed as part of the eligibility criteria please Contact Us to discuss this in confidence.

Refund Policy: - NA.

International Scholarships and Cadetship Programs

ACI Global provides Scholarships and Cadetship positions within all Graduate programs to assist Individuals, Groups, Organisations, and Industry in striving for excellence through accelerating the continuous improvement of individuals during hardship and personal disadvantage.

This process is fully supported by a three-year Continuous Improvement Development (CPD) Guarantee ensuring the Graduate provides the Organisation or Industry a truly Value Add Proposition. Graduate programs are offered as below

  • On a need’s basis;
  • To address Literacy and special needs of either individuals, groups, or Organisations;
  • To assist Industry or Business recover from hardship;
  • Scholarships and or Cadetships can only be awarded to participants that have either a Sponsoring or Facilitating Organisation;
  • A minimum of 20 Scholarship and Cadetship positions are made available per Calendar year;
  • All Scholarship and Cadetships are covered by ACI Global’s Continuous Professional Development Guarantee CPD;
  • Entry into the ACI Global ISO Certified "Capable" Persons Register;
  • Mentor for the life of the Scholarship or Cadetships allocated Graduate Program.

RECOGNITION: Certificates of Competence, Diploma and ISO Personal Certification to the Cadet and a Certificate of Sustainability for the cadet's participating Organisation.

KEY LEARNING OBJECTIVE: The Key Learning Objective of this product is to ensure the candidate has a secure learning, development, and assessment pathway within a secure learning platform (ACI Global Academy) and is cost effective and practical to meet the candidate and their sponsoring Organisation’s needs.


If you have any questions regarding eligibility or how to apply, please feel free to Contact us ensuring you provide the name of the Sponsoring Organisation or if you don’t have a Sponsoring Organisation, note this on the form.