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Overview: The ACI Global ISO Life Time Learning Product allows the candidate or an Organisation to select any number of courses or programs over their lifetime. This ensures continuous career and professional development for either the candidate or their "Sponsoring Organisation".

Standards Referenced: As referenced with each specific course or program and standards can only be used for reference material within a specified course and cannot be provided to any other person.

Resources: Specified Standards plus a comprehensive list of course notes and reference material.

Length of program: Dependent on course or program

Approval Numbers: As per course studied

Prerequisites: Nil.

Facilitator: All ACI Global Facilitators are Certified Business Professionals specializing in the specific scope being facilitated and have been assessed as competent in International Facilitation (ISO-FL), Attitude and Cultural Diversity (ACI-ACD) and have undertaken the Hogan Leadership Profile.

Special Needs: - If you have any special needs or requirements that your Facilitator needs to be aware of, please Contact Us to discuss this in confidence.

Refund Policy: - No refund upon completion of registration and enrolment process.


ISO Lifetime Learning


A Candidates Lifelong Learning is supported by contractual arrangements which are complimented by a "Accelerating Continuous Improvement" agreement for three years with an option for ongoing professional development for either the candidate or the Organisation. This unique product will enable the candidate or organisation to continuously update their "Knowledge" and resultant "Competence" and "Capability" relevant to whatever Industry they choose to work or are involved in.

Candidates must start and complete each course or program before commencing another. Once a candidate has completed their nominated course or program and have been issued with their certificate or certificates of competence, they are then able to commence another course or program of their choosing. There is no limit on the number of courses or programs a candidate may do over the lifetime of their career as covered by this "Learning Product - Life Time Learning" and as new courses and programs are added candidates are eligible to undertake these if they choose.

The Lifetime Learning product is unique to the candidate or the Organisation and cannot be transferred, and only applies to ACI Global courses and programs and does not include Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or ACI Global "Consultancy Programs" and courses and programs from ACI Global Agents or Partners.

Lifetime Learning for Candidates and their Organisations

The ACI Global Lifetime Learning programs are tailored to ensure:

  • Certified Business Professionals receive higher returns for services provided and greater chances of employment and or contracts;
  • The Organisation has a training program supported by industry experts ensuring employees are Capable to achieve desired outcomes;
  • Lifetime "Career" Continuous Professional Leadership Development Guarantee CPD from Secondary College to Retirement;
  • Entry into the ACI Global ISO Certified Persons Register;
  • Mentor (Accelerating Continuous Improvement Coach) for the lifetime of the candidate‚Äôs career or contract.
  • Accelerating Continuous Improvement Coach for the Organisation (Cost on application).

RECOGNITION: Certificates of Competence, Diploma, and ISO Personal Certification and for the Organisation Accelerating Continuous Improvement and Sustainability.

KEY LEARNING OBJECTIVE 1: To ensure the candidate has a secure learning examination and assessment pathway delivered within a secure learning platform and is cost effective and practical to the candidate's and their Organisations circumstances.

KEY LEARNING OBJECTIVE 2: To ensure the organisations not only have the most capable candidates but have supporting Coaches and Business Experts assisting them to achieve Accelerating Continuous Improvement and Sustainability.

To check out ACI Global's Accelerating Continuous Improvement Experts Click here to View Our Leadership Team who are waiting to take you on your journey of Accelerating Continuous Improvement, do it now and we will provide training for one of your employees under our Graduate and Cadet Schemes at no cost for the first three years, so as to further accelerate the Improvement and Sustainability of your Organisation.

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