ACI Global and Conscium International Project Management

An Introduction to a comprehensive and proven Project Management Methodology in line with ISO 44001
Best Practice

ACI Global and Conscium International have developed a comprehensive project management method that incorporates the governance, delivery requirements, support and control processes to meet the objectives of any size or type of project. The methodology has evolved over fifteen years of international project management experience and draws on a deep understanding of several of the major international systems available.

It has been specifically designed to provide the most effective outcomes for every type of project.

The system removes perceived deficiencies in other systems while strengthening and enhancing the management and control processes. To meet this objective the methodology goes beyond all of the other existing, established systems by being able to flexibly align the processes, component parts, controls and techniques to meet the specific business environment in which each project exists.

The Process Model below is a greatly simplified schematic. The full version is used for both training and as a guide on actual projects. The training to learn the methodology covers all 60 modules. None of the individual modules are difficult and all are easy to learn. The complexity in project management comes in understanding the relationship between the modules and integrating them into a coherent, workable schedule. By clicking on each Level all Modules within each Level will be explained.

Preparing a project
Sales Management
Initiating a project
Governing a Project
Executing a Project
Managing Work Orders
Managing Phase Delivery
Project Closure
Project Office
Governance Reviews

Note: Candidates wishing to better understand Project Planning and implementation should refer Click here For a comprehensive overview of preparing a Project in line with ISO 44001.


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