Leadership and Capability Journey

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PBC As a Peter Berry Consultancy (PBC) Reseller ACI Global provides customer-focused, evidence-based people solutions that enable organisations to select the right people to commence the Leadership, Capability and Change Management Journey for their Organisartions.

This journey will enable the Organisation to develop key talent, build better teams, drive leadership capability, and thereby drive Accelerating Continuious Improvement of their People so as to enhance a "Quality Organisations" sustained success.


As a "Quality Organisation" its sustained business success is foremost dependent on the Capability of its People. To address this we firstly will look at what Knowledge, skills and Capabilities you have and to do this we will address the following key Disciplines:

  • Special needs;
  • Personal Knowledge and Competence;
  • Skills and Capability;
  • Initial Capability verified by a Witnessed Activity;
  • Leadership Development;
  • People Development;
  • People Selection;
  • High Achievers;
  • Judgment;
  • Quality and Safety;
  • Team Development;
  • Competencies and Capability verified by a Witnessed Activity; and,
  • Tailored solutions to meet an organisations needs.

As a first step in becoming an ISO Certified Business Professional candidates should consider ACI Globals Re Certification Process ISO Post Graduate Triennial Assessment

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Behaviour Disciplines - Attitude and Personality - Know yourself.

One of your most fundamental personal attributes is your Attitude and Personality, i.e. the type of person you are. And it can be extremely rewarding in so many ways to discover the characteristics of your personality.

Some of the benefits of knowing more about your own attitudes and personality and the attitude and personality of other people you meet are as follows:

  • It helps you to appreciate and value the kind of person you are, and it can enable you to identify and develop your particular strengths.
  • It can also indicate those 'weaker' areas, for example, extroversion for an introvert, which can become your areas of long-term growth. Carl Jung referred to this process as ''working on your shadow''
  • It enables you to make a more informed choice about your career and so avoid the 'square peg in a round hole' situation, where there is a conflict between your personality and the characteristics of a job.
  • It helps you to establish good relationships with other people, even those who may be very unlike you. And note that teams are usually more productive when they contain an assortment of different types of people.
  • In general, it alerts you to the fact that there is a wide diversity of personality types, and it encourages you to cherish that diversity and value human difference, rather than find it a stimulus to conflict.

ACI Global users the Hogan assessment profile to "Objectively" assess your Attitude and Personality, and to achieve this ACI has formed an alliance with Peter Berry Consultancy for the supply of the Hogan Assessment Profiles. At the completion of the assessment your Facilitator will provide feedback and moderation to ensure ongoing Professional Leadership Development.

About The Hogan Personality Inventory

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) contains seven primary scales:

  • Adjustment: The degree to which a person is calm and even tempered or conversely, moody and volatile;
  • Ambition: The degree to which a person seems leader like, seeks status and values achievement;
  • Sociability: The degree to which a person appears talkative and socially self confident.


  • Sensitivity: Reflects social skill, tact and perceptiveness;
  • Prudence: Concerns self control and conscientiousness;
  • Inquisitive: The degree to which a person seems curious, adventurous and imaginative;
  • Learning Approach: The degree to which a person enjoys academic activities and enjoys education as an end in itself.

ACI Global uses the HPI results so as to:

  • identify general career-related strengths and development needs and
  • highlight the most effective techniques for individuals and help facilitators to enable individuals reach their career goals.

Before Registering candidates should also check out our Leadership and Capability Personal Certification Process Capability Journey and or our Quality Courses


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