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ISO Witnessed Activity's underpinning Continuous Professional Development


ACI Global's process of Accelerating Continuous Improvement (ACI) - Organisations and their People


ACI Global's ISO Triennial Continuous Professional Development Program (CPD), delivers both the Organisation and their People "World Best Practice" Accelerating Continuous Improvement (ACI) processes underpinned by Ongoing "Witnessed Activities" in driving both Ethical, Business Excellence and Sustainable Outcomes.


ACI Global's Accelerating Continuous Improvement (ACI) program for Organisations, underpinned by a ongoing "Witnessed Activity's" provides Organisations the following options:

  1. Business Expert(s) to drive the organisations continuous improvement program;
  2. Ongoing conformance audits to ISO Requirements in preparation for ISO Third Party Audits;
  3. Ongoing review of Business Plans with regard to Mission, Vision, Values and Culture checking resources, systems, applications and tools so as to deliver on the plans;
  4. Undertake a base line audit of the Business against the intentions of the Organisations Mission and Vision;
  5. Build a Transformation program focused at the Mission and Vision;
  6. Execute an implementation program;
  7. Implementation of a Total Quality Management "Assurance" program embedding the concepts of Plan Do Check Act (PDCA); and,
  8. Ongoing Compliance audits to ensure Legal, Legislative, Standards and Codes of Practice are maintained in accordance to Requirements.


ACI Global's Triennial ISO Continuous Professional Development Program (CPD), underpinned by a "Witnessed Activity" provides Graduates with three options:

  1. Graduate: Providing Learners and their Sponsoring, Facilitating Organisation a clear pathway of Learning refer Here for a full overview.
  2. Post Graduate: Providing all Learners and their Sponsoring Organisations or a Learner with an assigned Organisation on behalf of ACI Global's clear pathway for Continuing Professional Development: and
  3. ISO Personal Certification: Providing Business Professionals a Pathway to becoming Certified as "Capable" through Verification and Validation within a chosen skill set.

Benefits of ACI Global's Triennial ISO Continuous Professional Development Program for Organisations

  • Organisations have the clear understanding and Confidence that their business systems are tied and verified directly to Industry and or ISO Standards and verified through the Participating Organisation achieving conformance and or Certification by either an Industry or IAF Signatory Bodies Certification Assessment Body (CAB).
  • ISO Continuous Professional Development Verified and Validated by an independent process in line with the International Accreditation Forum’s (IAF) Signatory Bodies for example (JAS-ANZ, UKAS or ANAB) Guidelines for auditor and professionals personal evaluations of Personal Competence and Capability against ISO Standards provides Industry assurance of their competence;
  • All Major Certification Assessment Bodies (CAB) recognise the (IAF) "Witnessed Activity" used by ACI Global as a truly transparent and open process to Verify and validate an Organisations Capability and maturity thereby providing Customers, Stakeholders, Industry Bodies and Accreditation Bodies the ultimate confidence in their ability to accelerate process improvement, ultimately Business Excellence and Sustainability;
  • ISO Certified Professionals have full and unrestricted secure On line Portal access to the latest standards, industry updates, news and mentoring services and in full conformance with all applicable Privacy Laws with ACI Global's 3 year CPD agreement;
  • Greater exposure and success in winning tenders leading to higher levels of Profitability;
  • Achieve increased proficiency, and demonstrate professional and personal achievements for the enhancement of the organisations sustainability.

Verification and Validation of an Organisations Capability and Maturity

ACI Global through its ISO Professional Development Program has addressed one of the most significant issues of concern for Customers, Stakeholders, Regulators, Industry Bodies and Accreditation Bodies around the world and that is an "Organisations Capability" and level of "Maturity" in the delivery of its Services or Products.

The verification process is undertaken by appointed ISO Business Coaches "Industry experts" and triple certificated witnessed auditors to conduct "Witnessed Activity's" at planned intervals of the Organisations core business processes. The Witnessed Activity is in accordance with the (IAF) rules of witnessed activities.

ACI Global's Triennial ISO Continuous Professional Development Program for Organisations and their People

Organisations Commit to a 3 year Triennial Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program.

Organisations have their existing or newly established business systems verified and validated through an initial performance evaluation, inspection and audit of its business processes.

Capability Level 1.1 - Competent, engaged, empowered and motivated people are considered to be a resource in an informal or ad hoc manner.

Capability Level 1.2 - Competence development is provided in an informal or ad hoc manner.

Capability Level 2.1 - Processes to attract competent, engaged, empowered and motivated people are implemented.

Capability Level 2.2 - Processes for determining, developing, evaluating and improving resources are evident in some cases.

Capability Level 2.3 - Some competence reviews have been implemented.

Capability Level 3.1 - A planned, transparent, ethical and socially responsible approach is applied at all levels throughout the organisation.

Capability Level 3.2 - Reviews and evaluations of the effectiveness of actions taken ensure to personal competences (in both the short and long term) are in accordance with the mission, vision and objectives.

Capability Level 3.3 - Acknowledgement of Leadership Development.

Capability Level 4.1 - Information, knowledge and experience are shared to provide personal growth.

Capability Level 4.2 - Learning, knowledge transfer and teamwork within the organisation are evident.

Capability Level 4.3 - Competence development is provided to develop skills for creativity and improvement.

Capability Level 4.4 - People are aware of their personal competences and where they can best contribute to the organisation’s improvement.

Capability Level 4.5 - Career planning is well developed.

Capability Level 5.1 - The results achieved for competent, capable, engaged, empowered and motivated people are shared and compare well with the use of Hogan 360 Profiling.

Capability Level 5.2 - People across the organisation participate in the development of new and improved processes.

Capability Level 5.3 - World Best practices are recognised, ongoing and achieve Accelerating Continuous Improvement and Sustainability for the Organisation.


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