Accelerating Continuous Improvement (ACI)


ISO CPD Agreement

Continuous Professional Development Agreement

The objective of the Continuous Professional Development Agreement is to demonstrate through agreement with both the Candidate and or their Sponsoring Organisations and ACI Global that each are committed to ensuring the candidate undertakes the required ongoing Continuous Professional development (CPD) in line with International ISO and Industry requirements over the life Cycle of the ISO Personal Certification program which is 3 years.

Terms and Definitions: For a List of all ACI Global's Terms and Definitions please refer to ACI Global’s Learning Services Manual "Terms and Definitions" View

The agreement enables the candidate to complete the following in respect to both their learning and ongoing professional development:

  • To complete nominated learning and or professional leadership development in the time frame specified;
  • To undertake and complete on time all necessary assessment tasks and associated examinations as required within the nominated learning and or professional leadership development course or program and continuous competency assessments;
  • To submit annually, for verification purposes, a report outlining the required Industry Codes in line with professional services provided;
  • To commit to a period of (CPD) over the Triennial ISO Personal Certification as a "Business Professional" (Facilitator, Auditor, Lead Auditor, Consultant, Advisor or Graduate) with ACI Global;
  • As the candidate it is understood that the commitment by ACI Global is at no additional charge as this is part of ACI Global's Commitment to the candidates (CPD) and is all inclusive in the price of their nominated learning, assessment or examination course or program.;
  • Ongoing - To Submit into the secure LMS Platform for Competency assessment evidence of a minimum of 40 Hrs Professional Leadership Development undertaken during the year to include either Registered Learning, Activity/Audit/Consultancy log sheets for first, second and or third party audits including where appropriate regulatory audits, Interviews, Facilitations and or Moderation sessions;
  • Ongoing - Submit to a minimum of one observed "Witnessed Activity" per year (Facilitation, Opening and Closing Audit meeting, audit activity minimum documentation review) either by Skype or Video Taped on site. The witnessed activity will be conducted in line with the International Accreditation Forum’s (IAF) Signatory Bodies for example (JAS-ANZ, UKAS or ANAB) Guidelines for auditor and professionals personal evaluations;
  • Ongoing - Completion of necessary program/course updates (ISO Standards) and related continuous competency assessments (CCA) through review of records, feedback, interviews, observation, testing and post activity/audit/consultancy reviews. Such additional program course material and competency assessments may relate to combined management systems, decision analysis, triple bottom line reporting, ecological footprint, calibration, statistical methods or other business improvement tools with which a competent professional needs to be familiar with.
  • Ongoing - Listed on the ISO Certification Register for certified Persons to allow profile to be promoted world wide to Business and Industry alike with unlimited access to the ACI Global secure On line Portal for ongoing professional development along with access to the latest International Standards, Industry News and Updates plus full mentoring services throughout their Triennial ISO Personal Certification Program.

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