Delivery, Registration, Payment and Enrolment Process

Aci Academy Enrolment
Delivery Methods

ONLINE DELIVERY: You are able to complete all listed ACI Global and Alliance Partners courses or programs entirely on line. Once you enrol you will get access to your course or program materials including all ISO Standards and you can start straight away! Experience a revolution in on line learning, Examination and Assessment with our Advanced Interactive Learning Platform, dedicated facilitators and mentor support services and great features like resource centre, interactive forums, blogs, on line chat and our virtual library. You can contact your own personal facilitator at any time you have a question!

IN HOUSE TRAINING: We will train employees in their own organisation, no case studies and employees audit and perform training on their own organisations business processes. Let us bring the Interactive Learning, Examination and Assessment Platform to your Organisation and customise the course or program for your organisations employees!

Assessment and Examination Methods
  • Written;
  • Oral;
  • Practical;
  • Observational or;
  • A combination of all of the above.
Registration Process

Note: Prior to Registering all candidates and or their sponsoring organisations need to have clearly read and understood the course details and outocmes of the Training course and its Learning Outcomes they have selected before commencing the Registration Process, as ACI Global has a clear policy regarding refunds and must be agreed to prior to Enrolment.

ACI Global's On line and In House 6 Step Registration, Payment and Enrolment Process involves

Step 1 Special Needs - Before committing to a course of professional development candidates have the opportunity to have "Special Needs" catered for with all course curriculum providing special needs if required. This is also addressed within ACI Global's Privacy Policies in Step 3.

Academy ACI

Step 2 Complete Registration Form - Candidates fill out Registration Form on line ensuring they provide all required information as well as a valid Identification photo (jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp or png) maximum size 500kb. This is critical as this forms the first part of our "Hello Process" regarding information security note step 3.

Academy ACI

Step 3 Agree to Privacy Policy - Candidates must agree to ACI Global's Privacy, Copyright, Refunds and Professional Development Policies before submitting the On Line Registration Form.

Academy ACI

Step 4 Verify and Validate Email Address - Upon submitting the Registration Form candidates will receive an Email requesting verification of their Email Address in which they must Validate on line (Link provided within the email)their Email address before payment of their course.

Academy ACI

Step 5 Course Payment - Once Candidates have validated their Email address they are directed to the secure on line payments portal were they can pay for their course either by Credit Card, PayPal or Electronic Funds Transfer.

Academy ACI

Step 6 Enrolment - Candidates are advised by Email that their access codes have been activated within 24 to 48hrs after receipt of funds paid and provided details of their Personal Facilitator/Mentor and instructions on how to commence their course.

If you have any questions regarding our Delivery, Registration, Enrolment and Payment process please feel free to Contact us or go directly to Registration to Register and commence your course or program