ISO Personal Certification to drive Sustained Business Success.

Overview and Benefits of achieving "High Achiever Status" with ISO Personal Certification to e-Quip both the Workforce and Workplace

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is renowned for its global standards that ensure quality, safety, efficiency, and trust. One aspect of ISO that professionals across various industries can leverage is Personal Certification. ISO 10015 personal certification signifies that an individual has undergone rigorous training and possesses the knowledge necessary to implement and manage specific ISO Quality and Industry standards within an organization.

Understanding ISO Personal Certification

ISO personal certification is a process by which individuals can demonstrate their competence in accordance with ISO 10015 Quality management. ACI Global uses the ISO Guidelines for competence management and people development, in line with specific ISO and industry standards. This is achieved through formal education, training, and Certification with ACI Global an ISO Certified Educational Organisation. Once certified, professionals continually improve their career prospects, contribute to their organization’s compliance and quality goals, and stay competitive in their field further driving "Sustained Success" for there Organisations.

Why Choose ISO Personal Certification?

For professionals seeking to advance their careers, ISO personal certification is a mark of expertise that is recognized internationally. It not only enhances your resume but also equips you with the skills necessary to make a tangible impact on your organization's operational efficiency and risk management practices by e-quipping both the workforce and workplace.

Advantages of ISO Personal Certification
  • Enhanced Professional Credibility: Obtaining an ISO personal certification enhances your professional credibility. It is proof that you understand the complexities of quality conformance and compliance and can manage and mitigate risks effectively. This certification is often a prerequisite for roles that require handling sensitive data or managing an Integrated Business Management System, Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety, Food Safety HACCP, Risk, Compliance or Business Continuity (IBMS);
  • Improved Job Opportunities: Employers highly value candidates with an ISO personal certification. It can open doors to new job opportunities or lead to promotions within your current organization. This certification is especially beneficial for those seeking roles as internal or external third party auditors, senior managers, security and compliance analysts, or consultants specializing in ISO and Industry quality assurance. ISO Personal Certification outcomes are Verified and Validated by an independent process in line with the International Accreditation Forum’s (IAF) Signatory Bodies for example (JAS-ANZ, UKAS, or ANAB) Guidelines for auditor and professional's personal evaluations of Personal Competence against ISO Standards which provides Industry assurance of the candidates competence in obtaining "High Achiever Status";
  • In-Depth Understanding of ISO and Industry Systems: Through ISO personal certification training, you will gain an in-depth understanding of process's, quality, compliance and information security principles and best practices. This knowledge enables you to implement and maintain an IBMS that complies with the standard, safeguarding your organization's knowledge, skills and data from threats and vulnerabilities. ACI Global's Triennial Personal ISO Certification program including annual surveillance activities evaluating personal skills backed by a 3-year Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Guarantee ensuring the highest levels of ongoing competence and high achiever status;
  • Competitive Advantage: In today's job market, standing out from the crowd is essential. An ISO personal certification gives you a competitive edge over other professionals in your field. It demonstrates your commitment to continuous learning and your proactive approach to understanding an Organisation's systems. ISO Certified Professionals have full and unrestricted secure Online Portal access to the latest standards, industry updates, news, and mentoring services and in full conformance with all applicable Privacy Laws with ACI Global's 3-year CPD agreement;
  • Work Opportunities: Greater exposure to international work opportunities and financial rewards through continual competency assessment and examination plus; and,
  • High Achiever Status: Achieve increased proficiency and demonstrate professional and personal achievements for the enhancement of the organisation.
ISO Personal Certification Delivers Proven Outcomes to e-Quip both the Workforce and Workplace

ISO personal certification is a strategic step for professionals looking to enhance their credentials and impact their organizations positively and drive "Sustained Success". With a focus on ISO personal certification, individuals can secure their place as experts in integrated systems, opening up a world of opportunities for career advancement and personal growth. By choosing the right training and committing to continuous improvement with ACI Global, certified professionals can lead the way in achieving excellence and compliance in their respective industries.

Verification and Validation of ISO Personal Certification Outcomes

ACI Global through its ISO Personal Certification process has addressed one of the most significant issues of concern for Industry, Organisations and Accreditation Bodies around the world and that is "Auditor Competence".

The verification process is undertaken by appointed ISO Business Coaches "Industry experts" and triple certificated witnessed auditors to conduct a "Witnessed Activity" whilst the candidate performs an Evaluation of a System or Process. The Witnessed Activity used is in accordance with the (IAF) rules of witnessed activities.

ISO 10015 Personal Certification Program

Candidates Select a Course of Learning and Commit to a 3 year Triennial Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program.


Candidates have Knowledge, Qualifications, Industry Experience and Client relationships verified and validated through ISO learning and or Recognition of Prior Learning.


Capability Level 1 - Candidates are Peer Reviewed by an Industry/ISO Standards Auditor whilst undertaking a Stage 1 (Document Review) or Gap Audit on their "Sponsoring Organisation's" Business Management Systems and its Framework.


Capability Level 2 - Candidates are Peer reviewed by an Industry/ISO Standards Auditor whilst undertaking up to 2 Surveillance Audits (Depending on Experience) on their "Sponsoring Organisation".


Capability Level 3 - Candidate successfully completes "Witnessed Skills Activity" observed by an Industry/ISO Standards Auditor actively involved in a Stage 2 Certification Audit on their "Sponsoring Organisation" are issued a Diploma. The Sponsoring Organisation is issued a Certificate in "Sustained Success" in accordance with ISO 9004:2018 Guidelines.


Capability Level 4 - Candidate's Known Organisation is Certified/Registered and issued a Certificate of Registration by an accredited Industry Association and or ISO Certification Body.


Capability Level 5 - Candidates are Issued a Diploma and ISO Personal Certification card in recognition of both their competency and having been witnessed and through evaluation assisting an Organisation to achieve Industry and or ISO Certification and Sustainable Success.

ISO Personal Certification Outcome - ISO Personal Certification Card Issued by ACI Global Certification.

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