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ACI Global Pty Ltd is an International Recognised ISO 21001:2018 and ISO 29993:2017 Educational Organisation (EO). "ACI Global is able to provide e-learning course content tailored to an organisations own needs and requirements with all courses made available to the particiapting organisation through the ACI Academy using the e-Quip LMS. Had enough of paper trails or working with multiple platforms? e-Quip is the pinnacle Learning Management System! Specifically designed for business-critical training for Corporate, Government and Academic markets.

Market Focus - Ability to deliver international, national and or state targeted training solutions to a vastly increased audience at a cost effective rate with Industry recognised and ISO Standards outcomes for all participants.

ACI Academy - To provide the highest level of security the ACI Academy operates within a secure data centre ensureing the ACI Academy world best practice in security of Data and Information Systems.


Why Chose ACI Academy and e-Quip?

CEO / Executive Management / L and D and HR Managers / Teachers and Trainers / Students and Trainees.

  1. Individualised Training e-Quip enables you to assess a learner’s prior knowledge of a product or system. The system will then create customised training content around their knowledge gaps, increasing their speed to competence.
  2. Individualised Tracking and Support e-Quip has been designed with critical intervention points, allowing you to proactively manage each training course. The system will notify both the learner and their supervisor when they start to fall behind the targeted time frames.
  3. Measurable Results – Demonstrable ROI Determining the ROI is made easy by measuring the exact percentage of knowledge gained by each individual learner.
  4. Simplicity – Easy to use for all participants The ACI Academy and e-Quip has been built based on the look and feel of the Microsoft suite of products, providing a familiar interface for most users.
  5. Rapid Course Development With the ACI Academy and e-Quip you don’t need any programing skills to build online training courses. We have designed it so that trainers can drag and drop existing training material from its native format straight into the system.
  6. Total Transparency With a single click you can instantly view reports on the entire training history and results of each learner.

ACI Academy Features:

  • Access training online from anywhere via the web.
  • Deliver both SCORM compliant and ad-hoc courses.
  • Range of online assessments and assessment templates.
  • Create individualised training pathways for each learner or employee.
  • Identify the knowledge/competence gaps of a learner or employee and increase their speed to competence while reducing seat time.
  • Track each learner against a set of pre-defined milestones and schedule critical intervention points to ensure that learners don’t get lost online
  • Improve organisational and individual efficiencies and effectiveness with just-in-time delivery of learning events, 24/7/365.
  • Provide extensive reporting, as well as the ability to create customised reporting to suit an organisation’s requirements.

Hosted ACI Academy

Overview: This model offers a fully hosted e-Quip Learning Management Solution within the "ACI Academy" to provide the complete end to end solution for an organisation on learning and training solutions or that of their clients training needs.

Learning Outcomes: With e-Quip operating under the central "ACI Academy" all learning outcomes delivered within the traditional class room can now be streamed directly into the e-Quip learning management system secured, immediately made traceable and are validated on the spot. Having learning outcomes delivered within the secure ACI Academy provides significant cost saving compared to traditional stand alone LMS, LMCS and or traditional class room styled training methodologies. All training undertaken within the ACI Academy is overseen by a seasoned business professional's whilst new Facitators/Mentors are up skilled and accredited further ensuring the highest learning outcome for all participants.

Corporate Image Protected: The ACI Academy ensures all training providers achieve "Global Focus" allowing them to compete with much larger companies at a fraction of the cost compared to the outlay for a stand alone Learning management System (LMS) or Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Further more Corporate Identity is not just protected it is globally marketed by ACI Global.

ACI Global Corporate Pricing: All pricing is based on three distinct zones and within each zone allowances are made for regional development of each country of origin.

The Hosted ACI Academy provides the following Key Resources and Benefits to the Client:

  • Learning Management System secured to world best practice for security of personal information.
  • Learning solutions tailored for an organisations own Network for the development of their online course offerings.
  • e-Quip Models include Professional, Academic, e-Quip Web and e-Quip Live.
  • In house training for key staff members.
  • Savings on traditional training methods of up to 70%.
  • e-Quip Learning Management System hosted by ACI Global within the ACI Global Training Academy.
  • 24/7 support and help for organisations, students and Tutors.
  • ACI Global to provide course and Tutor Libraries.
  • Alliance Partners Traditional course material converted into rich e-Quip format by ACI Global.
  • e-Quip can be delivered within the traditional class room offering on the spot validation of learning outcomes and competency.
  • Alliance Partners Authorize, Publish, and administer their own courses and programs within their own Learning Management System.
  • Alliance Partners Market and Promote their own courses and programs.
  • Alliance Partners provide Facilitators and Mentors but they must satisfy either or equivalent to applicable National or International Facilitation or Mentoring Training Standards.
  • Access to external courses, resource libraries and tutor and or Instructors pools.
  • Global Recognition Provisional Certificate at completion of all courses if applicable.
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) can be provided within the overall course framework if required.

e-Quip LMS Trial: Contact Us For details on how we can provide you with a demonstration or trial of a fully functional hosted e-Quip Learning Management System "LMS" within the ACI Academy so that you can authorize and build courses, publish them live online, assign Tutors, enroll students and participants as well as Mark and Supervise Assessments.

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