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Business Model

Creating Business Opportunities for Training Providers, Corporate, Academia and Governments

Business Model Overview: ACI Global's e-Quip Business Model converts innovation to value add and economic value for those organisations wanting to become market leaders within the new age of e-learning. The Business Model sits within the ACI Global Academy "Training Hub" in New Zealand able to deliver learning solutions via the e-Quip Learning Management System (LMS) for all types of training organisations

ACI Global Business Model: The Business Model is based around six unique business options or models all built around the e-Quip learning management system developed by ACI Global's former Strategic Alliance Partner Digital Learning Solutions now owned by ACI Global and maintained within the ACI Global secure server facilities situated in New Zealand.

Innovation and Cutting Edge Technology: Additional innovation and cutting edge technology is delivered within e-Quip by leading ACI Global Collaborating Partners providing full validation of learning outcomes together with selected control and validation of External Control Devices offering further substantial cost savings over traditional training methodologies.

ACI Global Academy: The ACI Global Academy is the Training "HUB" which deliver's learning management solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional Learning Management Systems and Learning Content Management Systems. Organisations restricted by the enormous capital outlays for purchasing and setting up a "Learning Management System" are now able to make use of the ACI Global Academy's Training "HUB" to gain Global exposure for their course offerings. Organisations will also be able to make use of ACI Global's ISO Registered registered Tutors and facilitators through the ACI Global Academy further enhancing the learning outcomes for their clients.

Key Features of ACI Global's Academy
  • Content creation.
  • Content management.
  • Course ware sharing.
  • Resource Libraries.
  • Tutor and Facilitator Libraries.
  • Extensive Course Libraries.
  • Learning Management System Hosting.
  • Security of Personal Information.
  • Collaborative development by Key Alliance Partners to accelerate learning outcomes to drive "Sustained Business Success.
  • Benchmarking, validation and full traceability by the use of "Smart Card Technology".
  • Ability to measure Individual outcomes in terms of "knowledge gained" indicating your return on investment (ROI) for both participant and organisation.

Six Options: A full and detailed overview of each of ACI Global's powerful revenue generating business models for Training Providers, Academia, Corporate, Governments and Potential Alliance Partners is found below:

The following points explain in detail how the ACI Global Business Model works:

  • Value Proposition - e-Quip coupled with ACI Global's recognition as a ISO World Registered Training Organisation (WRTO) is able to offer clients global reach for their existing training courses. Making use of the very latest technology not only can learning outcomes be traced and validated many external control devices within an organisation can also be validated and controlled. ACI Global's Business Model significantly adds value as a major solution for training organisations wanting to significantly lift their profit margins by achieving major cost savings for their clients as high as 70% compared to traditional training methodologies.
  • Market Segment - The Business Model enables virtually all existing suppliers of training solutions to embrace the use of the e-Quip Learning management System. It unique and simple operation recognizes that different market segments have different needs. The potential for an organisation to supply into the Business Model new innovation along with existing course offerings is not just recognised it is encouraged thereby enabling many and varied market segments to be targeted.
  • Value Chain Structure - not only is the organisations position within the Business Model enhanced by significantly reduced training overheads its core activities within the value chain are greatly enhanced. This enables the participating organisations the ability to capture part of the value that it has created within the ACI Global Business Model.
  • Revenue Generation and Margins - revenue is generated via highly competitive licence and or course generation fees enabling the organisations to capture the highest possible retail fees for all course offerings within the Business Model. 24/7 support together with ISO approved tutors are all supplied within the overall Business Model enabling an end to end solutions for all Learning Pathways. Profit margins are significantly higher as costs to the organisation are far lower than traditional business models.
  • Position in the ACI Global Value Network - The ACI Global Business Model is highly visible due to its high profile and single aim to create value for the organisation, and to provide them with results. The Business Model embraces many collaborating partners all contributing within the network with the ultimate aim of utilizing their collective expertise to deliver more value to the participating organisation.
  • Competitive Strategy - the ACI Global Business Model will deliver Sustainable competitive advantage to allow the maintenance and improvement of the participating organisation's competitive position in the market. It is an advantage that will enable the business to survive against its competition over a long period of time. This is achieved by the single and most important aim that of continual embracing of innovation to ensure that a sustainable competitive advantage is maintained at all times.

ACI Global Corporate Pricing: All pricing is based on three distinct zones and within each zone allowances are made for regional development of each country of origin.

The following pricing zones will apply:
  • Australian $AU - includes New Zealand and Asia
  • American $US - includes the United States, Canada and the United Arab Nations
  • United Kingdom $EU - Includes United Kingdom and Europe.

ACI Global Academy e-Quip LMS Trial: Contact Us For details on how we can provide you with a demonstration or trial of a fully functional hosted e-Quip Learning Management System "LMS" within the ACI Academy so that you can authorize and build courses, publish them live online, assign Tutors, enrol students and participants as well as Mark and Supervise Assessments.