ACI Global Business Model - Option 3

Customised Blended Training Solutions for Training Providers and Course Developers

Business Model

Business Model Overview: The ACI Global Business Model adds significant cost savings for Training Organisations, to such an extent that the traditional stand alone Learning Management System (LMS), Learning Content Management System (LCMS), literally become obsolete. Traditional training methodologies cease to exist as all training can now not just be delivered online but more importantly can be delivered within the traditional class room, delivering huge cost savings to training providers.

Learning Outcomes: With e-Quip operating under the central ACI Global Training "HUB" all learning outcomes delivered within the traditional class room can now be streamed directly into the e-Quip learning management system secured, immediately made traceable and are validated on the spot. Having learning outcomes delivered within the secure ACI Global Training "Hub" provides significant cost saving compared to traditional stand alone LMS, LMCS and or traditional class room styled training methodologies.

All training undertaken within the ACI Global "HUB" is overseen by a seasoned business professional's whilst new Tutors are upskilled and accredited further ensuring the highest learning outcome for all participants.

Corporate Image Protected: The ACI Global Training "Hub" ensures all training providers achieve "Global Focus" allowing them to compete with much larger companies at a fraction of the cost compared to the outlay for a stand alone Learning management System (LMS) or Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Further more Corporate Identity is not just protected it is globally marketed within the ACI Global Training "HUB".

ACI Global Pty Ltd is an International Certified Training Organisation.(ICTO) "ACI Global is Internationally certified with Exemplar Global, the international leader in the design and development of accredited, personnel and training certification to the most extensive range of industries".

As an Internationally recognised certified training provider ACI Global is able to provide added professional marketability and global portability for all candidates in their professional development recognition and career enhancement. It also provides added marketability and focus for all courses and programmes promoted and developed by the Strategic Alliance Partner.

Secure Learning Management Platform - To provide the highest level of security the e-Quip Learning Management System operates within the ACI Global Training "Hub" situated in the Global Stitch Data Centre in Sydney Australia. Global Stitch is one of the Worlds leading suppliers of Global Secure Data and information Centres offering the ACI Global Training HUB and e-Quip world best practice in security of Data and Information Systems.

Market Focus - Allows presentation of existing developed course content to be delivered within the ACI Global Hub via e-Quip to a vastly increased audience at a cost effective rate.

ACI Global Corporate Pricing: All pricing is based on three distinct zones and within each zone allowances are made for regional development of each country of origin.

Business Model 3 provides the following Key Resources and benefits to the Client:

  • e-Quip Learning Management System hosted by ACI Global.
  • 24/7 support and help for organisations, students and Tutors.
  • ACI Global to provide course and Tutor Libraries.
  • Alliance Partners Candidates will be assessed for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Current Competence (CC) proceeding enrolment of their nominated course or programme live online.
  • e-Quip can be delivered within the traditional class room offering on the spot validation of learning outcomes and competency.
  • Alliance Partners Course content is converted into rich e-learning material by ACI Global for a negotiated fee.
  • Alliance Partners Course content protected by License Contract.
  • Alliance Partners corporate branding provided within all courses or programmes.
  • Alliance Partners and ACI Global to jointly market courses and programmes.
  • Tutors and or instructors will be required to satisfy or equivalent to applicable National or International Tutor or Instructors Training Standards.
  • Tutors and or Instructors can be supplied by either ACI Global or Strategic Alliance Partner.
  • Global Recognition at completion of all courses if applicable.
  • Savings on traditional training methods of up to 70%.
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) can be provided within the overall course framework if required.
  • ACI Global "HUB" provides full administrative support functions covering required World Registered Training Organisation Requirements.

e-Quip LMS Trial: Contact Us For details on how we can provide you with a demonstration or trial of a fully functional hosted e-Quip Learning Management System "LMS" so that you can view your Published courses, assign Tutors, enroll students and participants as well as Mark and Supervise Assessments.

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