Induction and Awareness Training - EM Systems

PRICE: $550.00 AUD

Overview: This program ensures the student has a through understanding of Basic Environmental, Quality and Health and Safety Issues relevant to their new workplace as well as providing Induction Training for the new employee. The program will also allow the participant to test their knowledge of what they have learnt and understood from the presentation by participating in the online competency based examination. All Employee Induction and awareness training programs are modified to cater for each organisations own Business Processes and Induction procedures.

Standards Referenced: ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9004:2018

Resources: i2i Standards Library and ACI Academy Resources

Length of program: 1 Day.

Approval Numbers: EMIT

Prerequisites: Nil.

Facilitator: All ACI Global Facilitators are Certified Business Professionals specializing in the specific scope being facilitated and have been assessed as competent in International Facilitation (ISO-FL), Attitude and Cultural Diversity (ACI-ACD) and have undertaken the Hogan Leadership Profile.

Special Needs: - If you have any special needs or requirements that your Facilitator needs to be aware of please Contact Us to discuss this in confidence.

Refund Policy: - No refund upon completion of registration and enrollment process.

RECOGNITION: Certificate of Competence

The Seven Key learning objectives and associated learning assessments for this course are:
  • 1: Understanding the Organisation's Context and its Issues both Internal and External;
  • 2: Understanding the Organisations needs and expectation of its stakeholders and other third parties for example its workers;
  • 3: General Environmental, Quality, Welfare, Health and Safety in the workplace;
  • 4: Environmental awareness, objectives and targets of the Organisation;
  • 5: General Employment Guidelines;
    • 5.1: Understanding the Companies Employment Guidelines and environmental awareness by participating in a brief online assessment.
  • 6:Basic Health and Safety Practices:
    • 6.1: Site Tour;
    • 6.2: Induction to Companies Fire Drill Emergency Preparedness;
    • 6.3: Initial awareness and possible training with organisations main plant and equipment;
    • 6.4: Introduction to Typical industry Hazards (Specific to Organisation);
    • 6.5: Environmental Aspects, Hazard Reporting Procedures;
    • 6.6: Safe Work Methods;
    • 6.7: Environmental, Health and safety Daily Checklist;
    • 6.8: Hazardous substances Use storage and Information;
  • 7: Understanding 14001:2015 and relative national and or state regulations.
  • 8: Online assessment.
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