ACI Global is committed to a robust and Resilient Continuity Policy and Plan and associated practices providing assurance through its governance arrangements that the organisation is in a position to continue to Operate during times of extreme risk including Pandemics.

ACI Global aims to maintain the highest standard of Resilience and Continuity as well as Compliance through embedding Resilience Continuity and Compliance into the culture of the organisation.

ACI Global will build a resilience and continuity culture on the basis of:

  • Commitment to this policy; and,
  • Integrating Resilience and Continuity with the organisation’s financial, risk, quality, safety and educational management processes, and its operational requirements and procedures.


ACI Global Management is committed to:

  • Ensuring that all Resilience and Continuity obligations are identified and assessed for mitigation;
  • Developing, implementing, maintaining and promoting practises that ensure the development and delivery of educational products and services meet compliance obligations and continue to function; AND,
  • Training needs for the organisation in relation to Resilience and Continuity are idneitifed and addressed.


ACI Global Workers are committed to:

  • Supporting the company’s resilience and continuity policy and plan and its implementation and execution;
  • Taking responsibility for their actions and the impact of those actions on the organisation in relation to meeting and maintaining resilience and continuity; and,
  • Proactively responding to and reporting Resilience and Continuity breaches.


ACI Global will actively monitor and review our organisation’s performance to ensure that we succeed in meeting our Resilience and Continuity objectives.

ACI Global Resilience and Continuity Policy and Plan shall be reviewed periodically in accordance with Company consultation and communication processes.


This Policy has been acknowledged and accepted by the Managing Director on the date as indicated below