ACI Global is committed to providing leadership development of personnel through the provision of ongoing competency based ISO learning and ISO personal certification outcomes for professionals working within a wide range of industries and organisations.

ACI Global aims to foster a culture that sees leadership development as the foundation of its curriculum development and delivery. We will strive to enable all curriculums developed ensure that learners and other beneficiaries receive the best possible experience and outcome.

ACI Global will build an Educational culture on the basis of:

  • Commitment to this policy;
  • The belief that everyone has the right to ongoing professional development in a way that suits their learning needs;
  • The belief and promotion that the educational process including development, delivery and certification is at the core of the service it provides to its learners and other beneficiaries; and,
  • Accountability of management to ensure that all internal and external obligations are being met within educational practices.


ACI Global Management is committed to:

  • Providing adequate resources to the ongoing development and delivery of educational curriculums;
  • Ensuring that all external requirements and obligations including those of its identified interested parties are being met;
  • Developing, implementing, maintaining and promoting practises that ensure the ongoing improvement of its educational system; AND,
  • Considering the impact of decisions on its internal and external stakeholders and ensuring an inclusive approach to changes proposed where required.


ACI Global Workers are committed to:

  • Supporting the company’s educational vision;
  • Taking responsibility for the management of their learners and the outcomes achieved;
  • Participating in training, consultation and initiatives to improve the educational curriciulms; and,
  • Proactively responding to and reporting complaints and feedback.


ACI Global will actively monitor and review our organisation’s performance to ensure that we succeed in meeting our Educational objectives.

ACI Global Educationa Policy shall be reviewed periodically in accordance with Company consultation and communication processes.


This Policy has been acknowledged and accepted by the Managing Director for ACI Global Ian Erskine on the date indicated below