ACI Global ensures compliance with Due Diligence, Legal and Governance requirements by implementing the Due Diligence checklist whenever they connect with or do business with external organisations wishing to partner with them.

Internally ACI Global has implemented several processes to ensure obligations are being met.

Their Due Diligence and Governance framework consists of 5 Principles:

  1. Verify that it is an established organisation that is operating legally: It is important to partner with organisations that are registered and authorised to carry out the work that they are involved in. By partnering with appropriately registered organisations, we can be better assured that they’re operating within the standards and accountability frameworks of the country they work in.

    ACI Global is a registered business and has been such since 2004.

  2. Verify that the organisation is compatible with us: Understanding an organisation’s vision, mission and values, and the degree to which they adhere to them, provides us with a lot of information about an organisation. Working with people who have a compatible vision, mission and values is a key to successful partnerships.

    ACI Global delivers "Ethical", Quality Education, Professional Development and Sustainability Services to lead the Further Education Industry in the provision of Specific Industry and ISO Training and Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability through adding value through assessing the capability and maturity of both the business professional and their organisations.

  3. Verify that the organisation has the technical and organisational capacity needed: No matter what type of work an organisation is doing, it is important that their staff have the proper training, skills and experience to carry out their work to a high standard. Whilst at times this may be difficult in a developing country context, the right balance of having relevant expertise in the team, along with a commitment from the organisation to create a culture of learning by investing in professional development is needed.

    ACI Global believes in the Acceleration and Continuous improvement of People, their Culture and Values through ongoing verification of competency and Sustainability Services will enhance both employee satisfaction and economic viability for both Business Professionals and their Organisations.

  4. Verify that the organisation has adequate risk management including financial controls: It is important to ensure that an organisation has put adequate controls in place to minimise the risk of wrongdoing, corruption, fraud or other financial impropriety among its governing body, paid staff, contractors and volunteers. It is not sufficient to assume that these controls are in place but to actively seek out how the organisation is protecting itself from wrongdoing. This in turn protects you as a donor but also ensures that your partnership with the organisation results in sustained positive outcomes for the local community and that no harm is caused to the members of that community.

    ACI Global is committed through the delivery of our services, the maintenance of a zero debt to equity ratio, to ensure continuity planning and ongoing support for all resources including employees, learners, mentors, stakeholders and sponsoring organisations is upheld or preserved.

  5. Verify that the organisation has a good reputation: Whilst we can do our best to evaluate whether an organisation is working in line with good practice principles, whether they have staff that will carry out their activities with integrity and whether they have the right measures in place to prevent wrongdoing – we are not based on the field and are limited to what we can perceive in a short period of time based on what we see and what the organisation themselves tell us. Whilst it should not be all we can go by, getting a sense of whether the organisation have a good reputation amongst the community they work with, the local government as well as other reputable civil society groups is another helpful piece to the puzzle.

    ACI Global is well known for its commitment to ongoing professional development in an impartial and ethical manner.

ACI Global's Due Diligence and Governance

ACI Global’s quality of delivery of service and product is based on six key pillars of quality education and legal compliance:

1. Governance being the framework of structures, rules, relationships, systems and processes through which:

  • adherence to regulations and legislation obligations is assured;
  • corporate directions and targets are set;
  • authority is delegated;
  • organisational performance is monitored;
  • risks are identified, managed and controlled;
  • organisational accountability is maintained; and,
  • corporate culture is developed and influenced.

2. Faculty and Scholarship

3. Facilities and Resources

4. Curriculum

5. Quality Assurance Framework

6. Process

ACI Global meets its Due Diligence and Governance obligations through:

  • Effective leadership;
  • Identification of Officers;
  • Defining roles and expectations;
  • Development of a Risk Appetite Statement;
  • Mapping due diligence activities and incentives; and,
  • Measuring governance and verifying that critical controls are effective.