Leadership and Capability Journey


PBC As a Peter Berry Consultancy (PBC) Reseller ACI Global provides customer-focused, evidence-based people solutions that enable organisations to select the right people to commence the Leadership, Capability and Change Management Journey for their Organisartions.

This journey will enable the Organisation to develop key talent, build better teams, drive leadership capability, and thereby drive Accelerating Continuious Improvement of their People so as to enhance a "Quality Organisations" sustained success.

People are essential to organisations. Organisational performance is dependent upon how people’s competences are used at work. Competence management and people development at the organisational, team, group and individual levels are required for organisations to be successful.


As a "Quality Organisation" its sustained business success is foremost dependent on the Capability of its People. To address this we firstly will look at what Knowledge, skills and Capabilities you have and to do this we will address the following key Disciplines:

  • Special needs;
  • Personal Knowledge and Competence;
  • Skils and Capability;
  • Initial Capability verified by a Witnessed Activity;
  • Leadership Development;
  • People Development;
  • People Selection;
  • High Achievers;
  • Judgment;
  • Quality and Safety;
  • Team Development;
  • Competencies and Capability verified by a Witnessed Activity; and,
  • Tailored solutions to meet an organisations needs.

At ACI Global we firmly believe as a Certified Quality Organisation Refer to our online Manual Here, "Competence Management" and "People Development" are clearly linked together. People development is part of competence management and competent people will require development. Both Competence Management and Competent People are inter-related and, in many ways, inseparable.

Applying planned and systematic processes for competence management and people development makes an important contribution to helping organisations improve their capabilities, meet their strategic direction and achieve "Sustained Success". Competence management has significant importance in enhancing the organisation’s capabilities to create and deliver value.

Accelerating Continuous Improvement
Accelerating Continuous Improvement
ACT Accelerating Continuous Improvement DO
Accelerating Continuous Improvement
Accelerating Continuous Improvement

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