ACI Global is committed to the highest standard of preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of its systems and information used by the organisation to provide assurances to its interested parties that information is secure and protected.

ACI Global aims to maintain measures that are designed to protect against unauthorised disclosure of information, unauthorised modifications (e.g., add, delete, or change) of data and to ensure that to ensure that data can be trusted to be accurate and that it has not been inappropriately modified.

ACI Global will build a compliance culture on the basis of:

  • Commitment to this policy;
  • Ensuring that information assets are adequately protected based on their sensitivity; risks are managed; compliance with internal and external obligations are achieved; and strategic business objectives are accomplished; and,
  • Integrating compliance with the organisation’s financial, risk, quality, safety and educational management processes, and its operational requirements and procedures.


ACI Global Management is committed to:

  • Ensuring the validity, integrity, protection and availability of data;
  • Developing, implementing, maintaining and promoting practises that ensure the development and delivery of educational products and services meet compliance obligations and are uninterrupted;
  • Ensuring all users of the organisation’s system are adequately identified; and,
  • Ensuring adequate resources are applied to reduce the risk of insider threats and unathorised disclosure of information.


ACI Global Workers are committed to:

  • Supporting the company’s commitment to information security obligations; and,
  • Reporting any identified or perceived threats or beaches to the organisations Informaton Security systems.


ACI Global will actively monitor and review our organisation’s performance to ensure that we succeed in meeting our Information Security objectives.

ACI Global Informaiton Security Policy shall be reviewed periodically in accordance with Company consultation and communication processes.


This Policy has been acknowledged and accepted by the Managing Director for ACI Global Ian Erskine on the date indicated below