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Mono-strand Post-tensioning Non Members

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Price: $2,156.00 AUD

(This price is for students working in Brisbane, Sydney, ACT and Melbourne. All other applicants should contact us for a quote prior to registration).

Refund Policy: No refund upon completion of registration and enrolment process.

Program Overview: This course specifies the outcomes required to carry out Mono-strand Post-tensioning in accordance with specifications and learning and assessment material developed by the Post-tensioning Institute of Australia and in accordance with the national unit of competency CPCCSF3002A.

It includes planning and preparation for the work, laying and fixing anchorages and cables, defining the work area, stressing tendons, finishing the tensioning and completing clean-up activities.

About the Post-tensioning Institute of Australia: The Post-Tensioning Institute of Australia is a not for profit organisation, and was formed to represent the post-tensioning contracting industry in Australia, seeking to maintain a viable and competitive industry with high standards in design and construction of post-tensioning systems for the benefits of its members, their employees, and their clients. The Post Tensioning Institue's key objectives are;

  • to ensure that the post-tensioning contracting industry is both viable and competitive, and
  • to promote high standards in design, construction and materials for post-tensioning systems, consistent with world best practice, and verified by certification of its Corporate and Associate Members, and
  • to develop industry work standards which establish appropriate skills of employees, personal development opportunities, a safe working environment, and environmental responsibility, and
  • to achieve ongoing technical advances in materials and systems for post-tensioning.

Units of Competency covered: CPCCSF3002A Carry out Mono-strand Post-tensioning.

The candidate will be involved in the following key tasks;

Task 1: Conduct practical learning tasks in accordance with the PTIA Mono-strand Training Manual. The student will undertake on the job training in Mono-strand Post-tensioning under the instruction and supervision of an experienced employee, from their company, in accordance with the procedures set out in the PTIA Mono-strand Training Manual. The student will be supplied with the PTIA Mono-strand Training Manual and a Student Learning Log, which their supervisor will fill in when performance criteria are met. The Student learning Log, upon completion, shall be scanned and uploaded to the learning platform. Task 2: Demonstrate the application of knowledge by participating in an assessment under visual observation (video) on an existing Post-tensioning project. The student will be assessed by an ACI Global endorsed Assessor. The assessment material and video observations will be uploaded to the learning platform. Task 3: Undertake a course assessment questionnaire, covering all elements within the unit of competency. Once the previous two tasks are complete, the student will undertake a questionnaire on the learning platform.

Pre-Requisites: CPCCOHS2001A-Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry.

Personal Certification Outcomes: A certificate of competence CPCCSF3002A Carry out Mono-strand Post-tensioning.

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