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Developing and Implementing a OHS

PRICE: $2,900.00 AUD

Overview: The Programme provides participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to develop and implement a Health and Safety Management System (OHS) for an organisation in conformance with the International Standard ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001/AS/NZS 4801. The programme involves OHS Modules 1 to 5 in the development of the Health and Safety Management System and OHS Modules 6 to 7 in the Implementation of what has been developed in the first five modules. The last two modules OHS 8 and OHS 9 are used for Auditor Professional Development.

Standards Referenced: ISO 9001:2015, 9004:2015, 18001:2007, 4801, 19011:2011 and 17021:2011 plus local, national, statutory rules and regulations and sector specific standards covering country of origin.

Resources: Extensive e-campus library with access to Standards ISO 9001:2015 ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001:2007, AS/NZS 4801:2001, ISO 31000:2009, ISO 9000:2004 plus a comprehensive list of course notes and reference material.

Length of program: 8 Weeks may vary depending on organisational time and resources.

Approval Numbers: ISO-OHS.

Prerequisites: Nil.

Facilitator: All ACI Global Facilitators are Certified Business Professionals specializing in the specific scope being facilitated and have been assessed as competent in International Facilitation (ISO-FL), Attitude and Cultural Diversity (ACI-ACD) and have undertaken the Hogan Leadership Profile.

Special Needs: - If you have any special needs or requirements that your Facilitator needs to be aware of please Contact Us to discuss this in confidence.

Refund Policy: - No refund upon completion of registration and enrollment process.

RECOGNITION: Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, Certificate in Internal Audit at completion of OHS 6. Please note that a Provisional Certificate in Lead Auditing will be given after successful completion of the OHS 7 but completion of OHS 8 and OHS 9 may well need to be completed before full registration as a Certified Lead Auditor is recommended.

TRAINING METHODOLOGY: e-Quip Learning Management Solutions operating within the ACI Global Training "HUB" providing a Blend of On Line and Face to Face e-learning outcomes fully "Traceable" and "Validated" by smart card technology.

DESIRABLES: Broadband ADSL together with Skype or Windows Live Messenger is highly recommended.Skype Video, Skylook recording (MP3 technology) together with mobile 3G video phones are also recommended. This technology will be used to assist the tutor in observation and competency assessments which will include as a minimum the conducting of the initial onsite tour of facilities plus an opening and closing audit meeting.

CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (CPD): Candidates will be required to commit to continuous professional development to ensure their Current Competency is maintained throughout the scope of their Registration with their nominated Personal Certification Provider. This service is included in the above Price.

KEY LEARNING OBJECTIVES: To provide participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to develop and implement a Health and Safety Management System (OHS) for an organisation in compliance with the International Standard BS 18001 and or ISO 45001:2018. At the completion of the programme the student will have a through understanding of Health and Safety Management Systems in both development and implementation. Participants will receive a Certificate of Competence in EG-TL at the completion of the program whilst the "Participating Organisation" will be ready for the Final Certification Audit to either BS 18001 and or ISO 45001:2018.


  • OHS Module 1: How Occupational Health and Safety issues are managed within an organisation.
  • OHS Module 2: How Health and Safety Aspects, Hazards, Risks and associated Objectives relate to an Organisation.
  • OHS Module 3: How to develop a Health and Safety   Management System.
  • OHS Module 4: How to develop a Draft Health and Safety Manual for an organisation.
  • OHS Module 5: How to write clear and concise documents necessary for an effective Health and Safety Management System.
  • OHS Module 6: How to implement an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, includes Internal Auditor Training plus Hogan online examination.
  • OHS Module 7: How to review a Health and Safety Management System and prepare for External Audits includes online pre-assessment for Auditor, Lead Auditor Business Advisor Course.

OHS 8 and OHS 9 are used for Auditor Professional Development in both integrated Business Systems and introduction to Triple Bottom Line reporting capabilities. These final two modules or courses also allow the graduate, employee or student the necessary time and continuous professional development supported by ACI Global to obtain the experience required to apply for full registration with their required skill set.

At the completion of the full programme candidates will:

  • Understand the meaning of OHS Risks and Hazards
  • Understand the International OHS Management System Standards 18001 and ASNZS 4801 as well as the auditing standard 19011
  • Process Mappping and Documentation
  • Develop a OHSMS in line with BS 18001 and or ISO 45001:2018
  • Implement a OHSMS in line with BS 18001 and or ISO 45001:2018
  • Carry out internal Audits and gain a certificate in internal Auditing.
  • Prepare for an external or third party audit
  • Gain an insight into the benefits of Six Sigma
  • Achieve Lead Auditor Status and gain a Certificate of Competence in Lead Auditing
  • Receive a MyDiploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems


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