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Developing and Implementing an EMS

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Price: $3,950.00 AUD

Overview: The Programme provides participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to develop and implement a Environmental Management System (EMS) for an organisation in conformance with the International Standard AS/NZS ISO 14001.2015. The programme involves EMS Modules 1 to 5 in the development of the environmental management system and EMS Modules 6 to 7 in the Implementation of what has been developed in the first five modules. The last two modules EMS 8 and EMS 9 are used for Auditor Professional Development.

Standards Referenced: ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 31000:2009, 19011:2011 and 17021:2011 plus local, national, statutory rules and regulations and sector specific standards covering country of origin.

Resources: Extensive e-campus library with access to Standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 31000:2009 plus a comprehensive list of course notes and reference material.

Length of program: 8 Weeks may vary depending on organisational time and resources.

Approval Numbers: ISO-EMS, ISO-AUD, ISO-LA

Prerequisites: Nil.

Facilitator: All ACI Global Facilitators are Certified Business Professionals specializing in the specific scope being facilitated and have been assessed as competent in International Facilitation (ISO-FL), Attitude and Cultural Diversity (ACI-ACD) and have undertaken the Hogan Leadership Profile.

Special Needs: - If you have any special needs or requirements that your Facilitator needs to be aware of please Contact Us to discuss this in confidence.

Refund Policy: - No refund upon completion of registration and enrollment process.

The candidate will be involved in the following key tasks:

  • Task 1 - Learn how to develop and implement an Environmental Management System in compliance to the International Standard ISO 14001:2004 for an Organisation
  • Task 2 - Learn the principles and guidelines for auditing management systems and leading an audit team to International (ISO) and National Standards for an Organisation.
  • Task 3 - Demonstrate the application of "Knowledge, Attitude, Cultural Diversity and Personal Disciplines" necessary to perform audits during an "Observational Event" under visual observation (Video) on a Business Management System thoroughly checking and auditing existing documentation plus all of the organisations Management Programmes.

PERSONAL CERTIFICATION OUTCOMES: Diploma in Environmental Management Systems Auditing with Certificates of Competence in the following Skill Areas:

  • Understanding Environmental Management Systems to comply to ISO 14001:2004 - EG-EM;
  • Perform Management Systems Auditing to comply with ISO 17021:2011 and ISO 19011:2011 standards - EG-AU;
  • Lead an Audit Team to comply with ISO 17021:2011 and ISO 19011:2011 standards - EG-TL;


  • A fully developed and implemented Management System ready for third party certification audit in preparation for registration in compliance to ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems - Requirements;
  • The organisation will have a fully trained and competent internal and external lead auditor capable of evaluating the organisations processes, programmes and external suppliers;
  • Organisation's employees training and competent in their roles and responsibilities during an External third party certification audit;

Career Benefits

  • Certified Business Professionals receive higher returns for services provided and greater chances of employment and or contracts
  • Three (3) Year Continuous Professional Leadership Development Guarantee CPD.
  • Entry into the ACI Global Professionals' Register.


Candidates upon successful completion of this programme will:

  • Understand the meaning of Environmental Awareness
  • Understand the dual international Environmental Management System Standards ISO 14001:2004 and its correlation with ISO 9001:2000
  • Process mapping and Documentation 
  • Develop a EMS in line with AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004
  • Implement a EMS in line with AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004
  • Carry out internal audits and gain a certificate in Internal Auditing.
  • Prepare for an external or third party audit
  • Gain an insight into Six Sigma
  • Achieve Lead Auditor Status with a Certificate of Competence in Lead Auditing
  • Receive a Diploma in Environmental Management Systems

International Standards Referenced. AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004, 9004 and 19011


  • EMS Module 1: How Environmental Issues are managed within an organisation.
  • EMS Module 2: How Environmental Aspects, Risks and associated objectives relate to an Organisation..
  • EMS Module 3: How to develop an Environmental Management System for an organisation.
  • EMS Module 4: How to develop a Draft Environmental Manual.
  • EMS Module 5: How to write clear and concise documents necessary for an effective Environmental Management System.
  • EMS Module 6: How to implement an Environmental Management System, includes Internal Auditor Training.
  • EMS Module 7: How to review an Environmental Management System and prepare for External Audits includes online pre-assessment for Auditor, Lead Auditor Business Advisor Course.

EMS 8 and EMS 9 are used for Auditor Professional Development in both integrated Business Systems and introduction to Triple Bottom Line reporting capabilities.


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